Text Twist 2 : A Word Guessing Game

An update to the one of the loved (and frequently imitated) word games ever created, Text Twist 2 introduces new ways to its basic, yet addicting gameplay. However, it’s not enough for keeping the game from being a bit simple.The concept is straightforward: at the beginning of every round, you’re presented with a list of letters (six or seven according to the setting you’ve selected) and you must make as many sentences out of these letters as you can within the two-minute time frame. Words that include every letter are known as BINGOs and you have to get at least one BINGO every round in order to progress to the next round.

When you have guessed the BINGO word, you are able to choose to continue playing in order to earn additional points, or proceed directly onto the next stage. There are two passes for free that allow you to move on to the next round when you don’t have BINGO. It is possible to type words by clicking every letter using your mouse, or by typing on the keyboard (we discovered that the latter method was much more efficient) If you’re stuck, hit the “Twist” button (spacebar) to make the letters jumble in hopes that a new word will reveal it’s own.

There’s also an untimed option for those who like to play in a relaxed manner and three additional modes that provide a slight twist on the standard game. Word of the Day is one of the rounds that gives daily a new word and is played only every day. In Lightning mode, you’ll be presented with five words that are scrambled and you must determine what they are prior to the timer runs out. Then there’s Crossword game mode that can be slightly confusing. The game doesn’t give you clues to solvethe puzzle, however, you must complete a crossword-shaped grid that is interlocked vertical and horizontal squares with words made from the same set letters.

Although there are five options to play it’s hard to find any variety in Text Twist 2.. Word-nerds will find the gameplay just as enjoyable as it has always been, but the graphics are dull and there’s not much incentive to keep playing , aside from getting an impressive score or completing the requirements to earn 24 trophies. These comprise Dizzy (use “Twist” 5,000 times) and Bonkers for Bingos (complete only Bingo terms to complete 20 different levels one row).

The biggest problem I have with the game is that the words you guess aren’t listed alphabetically this makes it more difficult to figure out words you’ve missed. The game also calls at you to play multiplayer in order to test your friends online or in person and the dictionary is tricky – it could recognize “crashers,” for example but not “crasher.”

Based on the fact that there are games for word that offer a similar and, in certain instances, more sophisticated set of features which are free to play on the internet (such like the Facebook games for social networks such as Word Twist) The players are likely to get more from Text Twist 2.. The game is a good but not a great word game that needs more substance and spark.